Download the latest version of BPWin or read at the latest BPWin Features in detail.


The new BPWin marks a significant milestone in the release history of BPM Microsystems’ software platform.

It is a culmination of new and recent enhancements that provide customers with improvements in device programming efficiency, productivity, intellectual property protection and process management.

Some of the new and recent enhancements to BPWin include:

Intellectual Property Protection

  • IP Protection with BPWin “Job Protection”
  • Securely share data files and Jobmaster files
  • Enable viewing and editing only with password
  • Full control of programming parameters
  • COM Serialization - External Serialization Server
  • Free serialization Software Development Kit

Process Monitoring and Control (API)

  • Automation Control
  • Supports SPC, Verification, Auditing, Logging
  • Customer defined functionality
  • Manage the programming process
  • Language independent and ERP independent
  • Customizable solution

Software Version Control

  • “BPWinLauncher” feature
  • Automatic BPWin revision loading
  • Maintain multiple versions of BPWin on single host
  • Control Quality Process
  • First article and production consistency

Updated User Interface

  • Intuitive Icons
  • Quick access to common features & functions
  • Flexible output window
  • Dynamic GUI, user-defined preferences

Device Programming

  • NAND Management Utility
  • Data Pattern Compression
  • MS Windows™ account-based security management tools
  • Algorithm Additions and Critical Updates
  • JobMaster Integrity Check
  • Enhanced buffer utilities
  • Image Format Tool

Process and Job Reporting

  • Expanded BlackBox file archiving capability
  • Autosave JobSummary
  • Performance Metrics
  • Checksum and type
  • Socket Card Maintenance Reminder

Automated Programming System

  • Faster Setup and Changeover
  • Teach packages via alignment camera
  • Expanded Cyberoptics Utility
  • Pause and modify jobs within the job
  • Re-enable sites during job
  • Improved peripheral support for trays and tubes
  • Real-time performance statistics

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